“Amiad Water Systems is a world leader in water treatment and filtration solutions, and for over 57 years has devoted its passion and commitment to developing a comprehensive line of water filtration systems for applications in the irrigation and industrial markets. Our products are integrated into the core of water filtration and treatment systems such as micro-irrigation, membrane protection, wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, cooling systems and seawater filtration and are built for efficiency and reliability, backed by our commitment to excellence and best customer service. With our screen, disc, microfiber and media technologies and broad range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual filters, we are able to effectively treat and filter water according to each customer’s specific requirements.

For over 57 years, we have been mastering filtration technology, developing and marketing filtration solutions for agricultural and industrial use. Amiad Original filters offer the best performance, quality and service, backed by years of field experience. With 4 filtration technologies under one roof (screen, disc, microfiber and media) and a broad product range, our solutions meet the challenges presented by different water sources, outlet requirements and working conditions, all year round, all over the world. We consider every challenge as an opportunity to work side by side with our customers to solve their problems. We’ll go anywhere to ensure our filters perform as expected, 24/7, every day of the year. When you want a high performance filtration system, consult with us. We focus on doing what we do best. Amiad. Masters of Filtration.

We operate from our headquarters and R&D center in Israel and our subsidiaries and manufacturing centers worldwide. Our global reach enables us to provide comprehensive and professional technical support and excellent service to customers all over the world.”

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