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LGU of Cavinti, Laguna

LGU of Cavinti, Laguna
Case Study: Potable Water, LGU of Cavinti, Laguna
M100 Series Filter AMF2-93K Amiad Microfiber Filter Granular Activated Carbon
Cavinti is a Tourism town in Laguna Philippines south of Manila. The Local Government Unit is operating the production and distribution of potable water.Demand continuous supply of high quality water not affected by seasons.Water source Turning a river water into high quality drinking water.

Flow Rate : Total 40 cum/h

Space : Minimum area requirement

Filtration : water quality less than 5 NTU and less than 5 pcu color

Cost efficient: Low Pressure Operation

Filtration Solution :
  • 1st stage – 1 unit Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter M100 Series, 80 microns
  • 2nd stage – 1 unit Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter AMF2-93K, 2 micron
  • 3rd Stage – 1 unit Granular Activated Carbon